Sports Game Soccer / Volleyball Game

Sports Game Soccer / Volleyball Game


The demand in the sports categories in the app store is never ending. We put up some cool games in the google play store to understand the market and were simply BLOWN away with the response they got.

The biggest surprise was the high number of ECPMS we were generating via chartboost in this category. Normally people don’t go with Chartboost on Android, as the ECPM’s don’t match when compared to the ECPMs on the Apple store. However when we tested Chartboost in the sports category of Android it absolutely Crushed it!

So what’s this game all about?

Play it here

This source code is an absolutely beauty. It’s got an excellent gameplay, it’s got tons of levels and group matches. There are around 10 teams to unlocks and the game gets tougher as you continue to play.


The Computer Players (AI) is designed in a fashion so that it gradually increases in difficulty and gives the player ample amount of time to get used to the game play.

Reskin Oppurtunities: This code is the holy grail for Reskinners and app flippers. Think if any theme/ sports which revolves around a ball – Soccer/ Football, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, BaseBall, Beer Pong, phew! Why mention everything – tons of ideas are here

Apart from these games, you could just go crazy with anything theme in the world. How about Zombie Soccer? Santa VS Elves where there are have a snow ball championship on the north pole. The possibilities are just crazy. And OH! Almost forgot – launch these games whenever new tournaments are about to begin for any games – use this can get tons of downloads!.

If the above reasons are not enough to buy this, nothing is.

Still, let me give you some more..